Recently, while reading Michelle Barrett’s essay “Ideology¬†and the Cultural Production of Gender “, I came across this magazine named “M/F“. I really want to name my blog the same but since I am not really posting anything remotely related to Feminism, Marxism, Male or Female, I should defer my plans.

Right now, I post anything and everything on my mind. I am a lazy person. Creative ideas do not come easily to me. When they do, I never write them down. I am trying to correct that, hence the increase in activity on this blog.


Man of Steel

Oh how I wish I was writing the review for this movie, but no, I am ranting to calm myself. I live in a not so small town of a not so big state. We very recently had the opening of our very own cineplex. The audience of Rohtak probably does not believe in watching English movies in English, Continue reading

Beg. Borrow. Steal.

Recently I saw an advertisement for a brand of bag that had the caption as “Bag, Borrow, Steal”. My trail of thoughts took me to the whole concept of shoplifting. I understand that the products have been marketed as must-haves, but what if I do not have that kind of money to buy it? As a consumer caught in the web of consumerism, I salivate, yes, I sin.
Greed directs me to covet it. So if I can’t beg or borrow, I should resort to “steal” as the caption commands me to do so. Then why must I be persecuted for my action that was in the first place sanctioned by you? Yes, I write this post in jest but, do think over it sometime.