Recently, while reading Michelle Barrett’s essay “Ideology¬†and the Cultural Production of Gender “, I came across this magazine named “M/F“. I really want to name my blog the same but since I am not really posting anything remotely related to Feminism, Marxism, Male or Female, I should defer my plans.

Right now, I post anything and everything on my mind. I am a lazy person. Creative ideas do not come easily to me. When they do, I never write them down. I am trying to correct that, hence the increase in activity on this blog.


Beg. Borrow. Steal.

Recently I saw an advertisement for a brand of bag that had the caption as “Bag, Borrow, Steal”. My trail of thoughts took me to the whole concept of shoplifting. I understand that the products have been marketed as must-haves, but what if I do not have that kind of money to buy it? As a consumer caught in the web of consumerism, I salivate, yes, I sin.
Greed directs me to covet it. So if I can’t beg or borrow, I should resort to “steal” as the caption commands me to do so. Then why must I be persecuted for my action that was in the first place sanctioned by you? Yes, I write this post in jest but, do think over it sometime.