Man of Steel

Oh how I wish I was writing the review for this movie, but no, I am ranting to calm myself. I live in a not so small town of a not so big state. We very recently had the opening of our very own cineplex. The audience of Rohtak probably does not believe in watching English movies in English, so the cinemas play them in Hindi. Now, I am a fan of originality. To watch “Man of Steel” in English and in 3D, I have to travel to the Capital City, which I can’t, not when I don’t study there anymore (hopefully, my PG studies will be from there). Last year, I was in the same flux for “The Dark Knight” and “The Amazing Spiderman”. But that resolved peacefully as I went back to the Capital City just in time to catch them, though I missed my first day of college. #NoRegretsWhatsoever

Now, the cinemas here do not even play movies like “Now You See Me”, another movie I wanted to catch on the Big Screen. And 3D is out of question. Really, can anyone fault me for loving Delhi?

So, I am hoping they will play it in English and I can watch it in time. Otherwise, I will have to wait for the DVD. Oh god, no. Not that long. I gots to see Henry Cavill!


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel

  1. “Man of Steel” is OK, frankly. You can’t compare it with TDR though.
    Yeah, “Now you see me” is a good movie. Isla Fisher’s portrayal of a magician and an escape artist was pretty good. I liked the way they showed the magic industry; it’s not something you see in movies generally.

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