6 Jobs PM Manmohan Singh Would be Better at

1. A Babysitter: This job requires taking orders from the Parents and eating. He can do that. Sonia Gandhi is practically running him. Isn’t that what he is doing with Rahul Gandhi? Oh wait, that’s Diggi Raja.
2. Those red coat guards who stand straight in London even after bearing the bullshit tourists put them through: A job that requires tolerance and a commitment to silence is a job Manmohan Singh is good at.
3. The Unspeakable: In Harry Potter, they couldn’t speak about their job, working in the Department of Mysteries. He already has training in that.
4. An Economics Professor: No joke here. The guy is brilliant when it comes to that.
5. A Curator: He has lived through the formation of India. He is probably twice as old as India itself. Who else would tell history better than the personification of history himself?
6. An ancient relic of the rich culture of India: The guy belongs in a museum, he is practically a fossil.

Disclaimer: Even though I make jest of our esteemed Prime Minister, I in no way support Pappu or Feku. The turbaned brain over those two any day. Also, this was written in fun, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an able man and probably the only one who can get India out of its economic crisis.


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