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I have always thought that writing is my calling. While I do not have the patience or the imagination to write a novel, I stuck to content writing and freelance writing. Let’s face it, content writers, especially in India, are paid a pittance. Young, naive and intelligent undergraduates fall for these low paying part-time jobs every day. They think “after all, I will earn in lakhs after I graduate”. Well, I know I did.

My experience with content writing has not been vast but I was very fortunate to work on volunteering basis for a great start-up as a Senior Editor. It was my stint at YKA that taught me the nuances of the writing world. Did you know a writer can be scammed very easily? Heard of those “unpaid writing samples” you have to provide to judge your worth? Nothing out of your portfolio seems appropriate to the prospective employer to judge your worth? Yes, that is an old age scam. Freshers in all sense of the word fall for it. You provide them with unpaid labour and they sell it to some company abroad for a hefty profit.

These “middlemen” seem to be raking in money. We, the writers, are at the bottom of the food chain just like the farmers who does the labour, grows food, but the middlemen gets the credit. So, I am thinking of forming one of these Content Writing agencies, I will sell and advertise my own work. Eliminate the middleman.
The problem is that I have no idea how to, as yet. What if 2-3 people can form a co-operative? We write and sell our own work? If you are interested, please drop me a mail at “”


2 thoughts on “Freelance Writing

  1. This is my own first time my spouse and i visit here. I ran across so many interesting stuff inside your blog, particularly its conversation. From the a lot of comments on your posts, I suppose I am not on your own having all the enjoyment right here! Keep up the superb work.

  2. Being forced to deal with middlemen and bureaucrats who approve your work and take commissions = Socialism ;
    Having the power to take risks and start your own content writing firm without anybody’s permission = Free-enterprise Capitalism 🙂

    I don’t think you would want to form a co-operative. There’s too much of Govt. regulation involved in it. Not only do you have to fit into the criteria that the Govt. has in mind but also you need to have 10 people minimum and hell of a lot of paperwork. And the registrar could refuse to recognize your co-operative society.

    What you want is a sole-proprietorship (or its equivalent when you have more than one person, a partnership). It is relatively easy to do so and will require the least amount of paperwork (and thus expenses too). I think you should be able to get it done in 10,000 INR if you hire a CA. The approval is pretty much guaranteed and almost no chance of an official rejecting your papers. I would recommend you try to make your company an IT firm (though you are selling content) if possible, rather than a media firm since the former has far less regulation.

    Creating a website like YKA is quite easy and requires no coding or IT skills. Read up on CMS Content Management Systems. In a way they are extensions of BlogSpot : whereas BlogSpot just allows you to publish blogs without the need for knowing HTML or Java, a CMS allows you to publish a whole website. A prominent example is Joomla which is free and open source.

    Obviously it would be better if you spoke to someone who has already done this or a CA.

    Here is an excellent resource:

    Best of luck!

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