Book Review: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

My first Lahiri book was Unaccustomed Earth, which I read over a year ago. This started in my quest to read more books by Indian authors so I could relate better to the stories. Lahiri mostly writes about Bengal, Bongs, America and a mixture of two or all three. Her stories are intricate and rich in details without being too tedious.


I would say that I loved this book. Comprising of short stories, from love to nostalgia to intricacies of human relationships, she is a realist with a surrealist feel to her words. I always feel like I am present in the stories, having a kind of outer body experience. I would say that the last short story in this collection is my favourite one, I suggest that this book deserves a thorough read.

From a tour guide besotted with the idea of corresponding with a Bengali born in America to the homesick Mrs. Sen who finds some solace in babysitting the little American boy, Lahiri will grip you till the very end.


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