A World Without Religion

Have you ever imagined a world without religion? A world with no conflicts, peace everywhere, no war, no crimes and no worries? I have and I do not like what I envisioned in a brief moment. It seems eery to me.

Man is defined by his thinking capacity. If there is nothing to compel him to think, is there a reason to be alive? When I step out of my house, I ensure my safety. I think of hundred different scenarios of how I could protect myself. Why? Because evil lurks at every corner. True, it might be an idealistic situation to be safe all the time, a situation incomprehensible at present, but think of other scenarios. Won’t ennui take over?

We live in a world of conflicts. Emotions are defined by the pain we feel. We value the good times when we face the problems. Life as an endless party seems like a bleak life to live. We often complain of the longevity of our vacations and the boredom that ensues, think of our creation as stuck in that endless void of boredom. Thoughtlessness, that is what I am scared of.

It is true that people fight in the name of religion, but there are some who fear god and lead moral (a relative term) lives. Closer to home, we see Casteism everywhere, regardless, people fight against it too. We strive for perfection until and unless there are imperfections. We think, we act, we neglect. Once that perfection is reached, there would be no need to think and that scares me. We evolve because we think. Once that stops, man will stop being human.

I in no way endorse terrorism, discrimination or all that is inherently wrong. No sir! But the balance has to be maintained. Maybe we are tilting in the other direction, that can be stopped but Utopia is an imaginary idea which has no place in our world.


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