When Being an Uninvited Guest Takes a New Meaning

So I have been MIA from my blog, just don’t get time or content to post. Anyway, the incident I am about to describe, it happened just right now.

I was experimenting in the kitchen with a dessert (chocolate mousse with buttered battered biscuits mixed with peanut butter with a topping of strawberry preserve mixed with condensed milk, it was yum, thank you!). The doorbell rings and a person asks for the directions to our neighbor’s house. Coincidentally, he was walking somewhere and was right in front of our house. My mum called him out and the man invited the direction-asker to his place- now listen carefully, because this is the interesting part, the direction asker invited himself and our neighbor to our house. I mean does that happen often? I was really perplexed.


Anyway, the whole “atithi devo bhava” made my mum ask him for tea, which considering he was an uninvited guest, he didn’t refuse. Now he was with another person who was standing outside, when my mum asked him to invite the other person inside for tea, he flat out refused. I really think he was crazy.

This episode really does exemplify the meaning of “atithi” meaning without a date. Indians are pretty welcoming, but seriously, the guy was lucky was my dad wasn’t at home. He really hates intrusion of privacy. Anyway, one of the strangest episode of my marginally short life.


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