Book Review: Sister of my Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I got acquainted with the titular author in the summer of 2009 when I received a book written by her as a birthday gift. That was what started my lusty obsession for more of her books. ‘Palace of Illusions’ was the second book I read and ‘Sister of my Heart‘ is the third one. I have seen the screen adaptation of ‘The Mistress of Spices‘ (without realising that CBD had written the namesake) with the Bachchan Bahu in the lead role but it does not really count as I have not picked up its black and white cousin.


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Book Review: A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

Helmer: I would gladly work night and day for you. Nora- bear sorrow and want for your sake. But no man would sacrifice his honor for the one he loves.
Nora: It is a thing hundreds of thousands of women have done.” 

A Doll’s House is the most performed play in the world. I recently got to read it and must say, it is a very powerful play. Ibsen is a genius, a Modernist genius. I have only ever had this much fun while reading Dario Fo‘s Accidental Death of an Anarchist. While there is no humour in this play, I loved reading it.

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When I Had Sex Ed

“Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn’t!” 
― George Bernard Shaw

When I was in class 10 at a convent school tucked far way in the wilderness of the hills of Mussoorie, I was learning about the biological mysteries of our bodies. It is a wonderful creation- (wo)man’s body is. I have never considered the ability to reproduce anything short of magic. However despicable the baby might be, it is always a wonder than new life can be produced so easily.


So, I was at the Catholic school. Their resistance against sex and the need for children is a laughing paradox for me. So, without going into an explanation for the need of sex education, I would say that for curiosity ridden 15 year olds, that day when a little nun-nurse in a grey habit arrived to “educate” us on benefits and demerits of sex, we were hyperventilating with excitement, not so much because of the sex part, but due to exemption from classes. Let’s face it, our biology books and the ever searching minds of adolescent girls in an all girls convent school pretty much fills you up with knowledge and not so knowledgeable stories.

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For the Love of Sherlock

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