Confusion, frustrations and other preoccupations

I have returned, returned after some excruciatingly long months without my beloved laptop. All options had been exhausted and I had plans to buy a new one but surprisingly, I wanted my old one back. Surprising because I’m usually very tempted by the new craze on the tech block but this time, nothing was able to get my attention. The search for a new laptop was terrifying, filled with dread at the myriad of choices and a hurriedness because my laptop had become indispensable in my studies. I had resigned myself to buy something cheap and effective but then like light shines through an overcast sky (the inverted imagery would be more suited for me as overcast, gloomy, grey skies make me happy, but you get the idea), my old laptop breathed a new life and all was well again (except for a few minor hitches of how callous the repair guys could be with it, not complaining much though).

This week has been good. My favourite uncle and cousin are visiting, I have 6ish months left before I get out, I found the Dark Chocolate I’ve come to love in an unexpected place (Thanks Ambani), I re-discovered my love for Football and there’s so much of it around to keep me preoccupied and I have my laptop. Now I can spend my savings on a new phone (One Plus One is my current choice if you wanted to know).

These happenings in my life are very small and subjective victories, but some things aren’t as acche (English: Good) as I would have liked. For one, “Right” is the preferred direction in  India and I don’t like that. Acche din (English: Good Days) are all a big illusion. Going forward does not always mean progress, so regression is the result.

Next I would like to give my two very late cents on “The Fappening”- the great violation of privacy that man celebrities faced. It was pathetic, it was vile, it was horrifying, it was sickening. No, not the photos leaked but the idea around it. These were private pics of people which some self-professed hackers leaked to the public. What infuriated me were the comments. Some people who clamour for privacy, revile NSA have been elated by the ability to view these women and even more infuriated when these women expressed their displeasure at such a blatant disregard for their privacy. Hypocrites, hypocrites all around. I’ll stop here because even thinking about it makes me angry.


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