Assaram’s new initiative

I will start with a confession that this article has been written in rage. It might constitute a rant. Twitter is my preferred platform of social media, so when I logged in today, the top Indian trending topic is #ParentsWorshipDayOn14Feb. Those who are not familiar with the microblogging website, a Trending Topic is generally the most talked about subject in a particular area/city/country.

Now, I had observed banners and billboards last year in New Delhi, was cornered by some people who shared this belief at the International Book Fair, but my reaction was that of amusement. So why am I incensed this year? Basically, it is an effort by Asaram “Bapu”, who possibly views Valentine’s Day as an “immoral”, “sinful” day to indulge in lust. I have my problems with the day but I really don’t care what others get on with on this day. As if 14th February is the only day one can let the passions out (euphemism alert).

Asaram Bapu has been in news for the sexual assault of a minor girl. On August 20, 2013, a 16 year old accused Asaram Bapu of sexual assault at his ashram in guise of exorcising “evil spirit” out of her. He was subsequently arrested by the Jodhpur police and charges have been framed against him under sections 342 (for wrongful confinement), 354A (sexual harassment), 370(4) (trafficking), 376(2)F (rape on a woman when she is under twelve years of age), 506 (criminal intimidation), 509/34 and 120 (B) (Criminal conspiracy) of Indian Penal Code. He has already been denied bail twice. His son, Narayan Sai has disclosed that he has raped a woman. The icing on the cake is that Surat police has charge-sheeted him in a bribery case. The apparent bribe was to weaken the rape case against him. He has assets worth 5,000 crores while his father stands at 10,000 crores.

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Coca Cola SuperBowl Commercial … America, the Beautiful.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

My mind is blown over this. How anyone is offended is beyond me. I hadn’t seen it, until 5 minutes ago. There is such hate over it; “we speak English here” to target marketing… Where to begin? There isn’t much to flesh out on those who exploded with offense because the commercial shows a gay couple holding hands with their child or because “America the Beautiful” was sung by children in languages other than English. Their hate filled, narrow minded view of the world and sadly of America is what sets America behind in the world. The people featured on the commercial are the people I hope represent America, myself included.

The commercial celebrates what this country is SUPPOSED to be about; that is, freedom of expression, the right to love whom you love, regardless of gender or race; the right to decide what to believe religiously or spiritually;

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Web of Laziness

I have cruelly neglected my blog, like it was an unwanted step-child. I will make no promises to be active because an empty promise only succeeds in building mistrust. The thing is I am busy. I am actually busy for the first time in my life. So many things to do.

I have been reading.

I have to research to submit papers in Journals.

I have to write papers to speak at seminars.

My classes have started.

I got new series/movies.

It feels good to be busy. I will write a small update on my time at JLF.Image

Two words, one name- Reza Aslan. I am enamored. Totally in love with this man. Such a fine orator. Do look him up if you get a chance. Also, Gloria Steinem is as forceful as I expected. That’s it for my short update.

Reminder to self- Check out the works of Jim Crace and Jonathan Franzen.

I have so many thoughts I want to give word to but no time. I shall come back to it as soon as I can.

Book Review: Sister of my Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I got acquainted with the titular author in the summer of 2009 when I received a book written by her as a birthday gift. That was what started my lusty obsession for more of her books. ‘Palace of Illusions’ was the second book I read and ‘Sister of my Heart‘ is the third one. I have seen the screen adaptation of ‘The Mistress of Spices‘ (without realising that CBD had written the namesake) with the Bachchan Bahu in the lead role but it does not really count as I have not picked up its black and white cousin.


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